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Revolutionize Cancer Therapy with CAR T Cells

Unlock the innovative power of CAR T cells with precise monitoring

Scientist wearing white gloves and white lab coat handles plastic tube of blue liquid surrounded by laboratory equipment.

Promising a paradigm shift from conventional chemotherapy, CAR T cells harness the body's immune prowess to seek and destroy cancer cells, sparing patients the side effects of hair loss, anemia, and fertility complications. As this innovative therapy gains momentum, its success hinges on a delicate interaction within bioreactors, where patient-modified T cells undergo cultivation before being returned to the body.

From monitoring temperature and pH to safeguarding against light exposure, XiltriX's Environmental Monitoring System (EMS) provides real-time insights and alerts. Delve into the intricate realm of CAR T cells, exploring their creation and storage, and the indispensable role XiltriX plays in this critical workflow.

Download this white paper to discover how to monitor and maintain CAR T cells and bolster your oncology research now.