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Unlocking the Possibilities in Cancer Research with Revvity

Revvity presented their diverse portfolio of cancer research tools at AACR, reaffirming their commitment to empowering researchers

Computer image of a cancer cell being targeted
Today, Revvity’s family of innovative products assists researchers in their investigations of cancer providing support for the study of various aspects of the disease, from genomics to precision medicine and beyond.
Revvity Logo
Revvity Logo

If they say “impossible,” we say “challenge accepted.” At Revvity, we fearlessly face tomorrow’s unknowns for a healthier humankind.

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Published:Apr 19, 2024
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  • Launch of Cellometer Ascend automated cell counter: With its innovative design, the Cellometer Ascend system has elevated accuracy and reliability in cell counting, accelerating workflows for cancer research and therapeutic development.
  • Spotlighting a selection of cancer research technologies: A diverse portfolio of solutions that empowers researchers to explore genetic and mechanistic processes within tumor biology, identify biomarkers, and address challenges in therapeutic development.

WALTHAM, MA — Revvity, Inc. exhibited at AACR 2024 in its first year as a new brand in San Diego from April 5-10. Revvity’s trusted cancer research and discovery portfolio, combined with its latest product launches, helps provide a deeper understanding of tumors and their microenvironment, equipping researchers with the tools to tackle drug resistance barriers and develop more personalized combination cancer therapies. 

Empowering researchers to unlock possibilities in cancer research

The pace of innovation in cancer research has been extraordinary, with novel targeted treatments and immunotherapies showing real promise. Today, Revvity’s family of innovative products assists researchers in their investigations of cancer providing support for the study of various aspects of the disease, from genomics to precision medicine and beyond.

“Cancer touches so many of us—it’s one of the leading causes of death worldwide, having a significant impact on communities everywhere. It’s imperative that we work towards reducing its devastating toll through dedicated research efforts,” said Dr. Alan Fletcher, senior vice president life sciences at Revvity. “Conducting research that unlocks the molecular mechanisms driving cancer evolution may be key to discovering personalized combinational therapies and potentially improving patient outcomes. Through our portfolio of trusted solutions, Revvity is poised to be integral in this crusade.” 

Solution highlights displayed at AACR 2024

  • Platforms for therapeutic development: Revvity offers cutting-edge solutions for efficient progress in therapeutic development, most notably the new Cellometer Ascend automated cell counter, a fast, reliable easy-to-use cell counter and the new Pin-point base editing platform for cell and gene therapy research. Revvity’s Certimmune Immunology services offer customized immunology services to companies in vaccine and immunotherapy markets for their clinical trials.
  • In vivo imaging: With IVIS® Spectrum 2 platform and Vega preclinical ultrasound system, researchers can monitor tumor growth and progression, angiogenesis, and metastases. These technologies also facilitate drug efficacy and toxicology studies and enhance understanding of cancer biology pathways.
  • Immuno-oncology research: With robust and high-quality reagents for flow cytometry, cell isolation, immunoassays, multiomics, spatial biology, and cell bioprocessing, BioLegend® is supporting immunology and immuno-oncology workflows to accelerate research breakthroughs.
  • Immunoassays: The newest assay kits available in AlphaLISASureFireUltra, AlphaLISA, and HTRF technologies provide researchers with the tools needed in the race to discovery. The EnVision® Nexus and VICTOR Nivo® plate readers also offer powerful and reliable performance. 
  • Gene modulation: The broadest range of functional genomic tools including Dharmcon advanced gene modulation and gene editing solutions.
  • Cellular imaging: Advanced cellular imaging systems, including the Opera Phenix® Plus, which can help researchers better understand biological processes in cancer cells and investigate how tumors interact within their microenvironment.
  • Single-cell multiomics: Enhancing key steps of the single-cell sequencing journey, TotalSeq multiomics reagents, Multiomics Analysis Software, and Cellaca™ cell counters integrate into existing workflows, paving the way for transformative discoveries.
  • Next-generation sequencing workflow: Innovative, end-to-end NGS workflows and applications for ctDNA and cfRNA biomarker identification and characterization. Solutions such as the Omni Bead Ruptor® solution for tissue homogenization, chemagic ® 360 nucleic acid isolation, LabChip® GX Touch nucleic acid analyzer for genomic analysis, Fontus® liquid handling workstation, BioQule NGS solution, and Mimix reference standards, address the full breadth of NGS requirements.