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Unique Interview Preparation Strategies

Join Today's Clinical Lab and Alison Foo to learn about Unique Interview Preparation Strategies


Alison Foo, MSc, PMP

Alison Foo, MSc, PMP, is a Career, Communication, and Leadership Coach. She’s passionate about changing lives through teaching professional skills. She has worked with newcomers, graduate students, marginalized groups, and professionals from various industries, but her specialty is in clinical and research sectors. Alison is also a Clinical Research Professor. She teaches at Seneca College, McMaster University Continuing Education and ACCES Employment. Previously, she worked on all phases of clinical trials and specialized in clinical trial management, clinical data management, clinical monitoring, and stakeholder management.

Now Available on Demand!     

It’s no wonder people feel nervous about job interviews—there’s a lot riding on our performance, and we rarely get opportunities to practice the skill set. Luckily, this interactive workshop will help set you up for success. The live audience will determine which scenarios are covered, so come prepared with your questions! 

In this webinar, attendees will learn about topics including:

• Interpreting questions and what employers are looking for

• Job interview preparation strategies

• Unique and effective answer structures

• Questions to ask the interviewers