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A clinician presenting a patient with an empty urine sample container

Innovative Automated Urinalysis

Scott D. Hanton, PhD
Automation can provide a solution to the biggest challenges in urinalysis testing
Photo of Dr. Gelareh Zadeh wearing a white lab coat sitting at a microscope at the Krembil Brain Institute at the University of Toronto.

An Inside View of Brain Tumors

Miriam Bergeret, MSc
A new blood test may soon allow clinicians to diagnose brain tumors without surgical biopsy
The Dawn of Precision Health for Women

The Dawn of Precision Health for Women

Erica Tennenhouse, PhD
Historically, women were excluded from some clinical trials because of the exact things that we now want to understand
Innovations in Clinical Trial Design

Innovations in Clinical Trial Design

Erica Tennenhouse, PhD
?????Matthew M. Laughon, MD, MPH is a professor at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill in the
department of pediatrics.
Sandrine Miller-Montgomery PharmD PhD

Ask the Expert: Cancer and the Microbiome

Laura M. Bolt, PhD
Clinical Lab Manager speaks with Sandrine Miller-Montgomery, PharmD, PhD, about microbiome research and its applications in cancer research
Khosrow Shotorbani

Time to Transition to Clinical Lab 2.0

Erica Tennenhouse, PhD
Clinical Lab 2.0 is a movement that provokes the lab industry to view itself through a new value lens aligned with the forces driving the future of value-based health care