Clinical Lab 2.0 and the Future of Health Care

Join Today's Clinical Lab as we discuss Clinical Lab 2.0 and what it means for the future of health care

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Published:Apr 28, 2020
|Updated:Oct 22, 2022
|1 min read

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Health care sectors are transitioning from a fee-for-service payment system to new value-based payment models, and a new business model known as Clinical Lab 2.0 is leading the way. Clinical Lab 2.0 aims to support the transition of the US health care system from sick care to well care by providing meaningful interpretation of the clinical laboratory data. By delivering critical information in an actionable way, laboratorians can help optimize the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients while improving outcomes.requirements of the situation and shift their focus to those specific areas. In addition, crisis requires even more clear and precise communication than normal. It also requires leaders to be more open to feedback and help, to effectively take advantage of all the knowledge and experience in the team.

This webinar will provide you with background and tips on transitioning your lab from Clinical 1.0 to Clinical 2.0:

  • What is Clinical Lab 2.0?
  • Understanding the need for Clinical Lab 2.0
  • External forces impacting labs
  • PAMA
  • Value-based care
  • How to demonstrate the value of your lab
  • Hear from labs participating in Clinical Lab 2.0