Removing Confusion from Laboratory Competency

Clinical Lab Manager and Darryl Elzie, PsyD, MHA, MT (ASCP), CQA (ASQ) discuss lab competency

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Removing Confusion from Laboratory Competency

The current pandemic has highlighted the critical role laboratory professionals provide in meeting the nation's health care challenges. They are highly trained, dedicated workers performing complicated tests used to guide medical decisions every day. 

To validate that clinical lab professionals have the appropriate knowledge and skill, regulatory laws and accrediting standards mandate laboratory testing personnel to demonstrate competency annually. Nationally, failure to adequately meet the CLIA ’88 regulations regarding competency continues to be the most frequent deficiency cited by laboratory inspectors. 

In this webinar, Darryl Elzie, PsyD, MHA, MT (ASCP), CQA (ASQ), will present laboratory stakeholders with the framework of why, when, and how to successfully meet competency requirements.

During this presentation, the participants will learn to:

  • Understand why competency is required
  • Understand who is allowed to perform competency
  • Become familiar with the six competency elements of non-waived testing
  • Understand the required frequency of semi-annual and annual competency
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