White Paper

What New IVD Regulations Mean for Manufacturing 

Read more about the impact of new regulations for IVD products and what it means for future innovations

With the rise of personalized medicine and other innovative technologies, the IVD industry has evolved rapidly to adapt to these changes. For IVD products, which are intended for examination of human specimens, new regulations are changing the way they must be manufactured, their compliance requirements, and the transparency requirements of new products. 


In this resource, you'll learn:

  • The impact of IVDR on the manufacture of IVD products
  • How to overcome new challenges to IVD product manufacturing
  • Key considerations in design and development of an IVD product

To adapt to these new regulatory changes, manufacturers must adapt and evolve to continue to meet the needs of their customers and the market.

Download this resource to learn more about the impact of new IVDR for IVD product manufacturers and how you can position yourself to succeed in the new landscape. 

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