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Transforming Clinical Labs: Digitalization as the Solution to Today's Challenges

Join Today's Clinical Lab and Nathan Clark to learn about Transforming Clinical Labs

Nathan Clark

Nathan Clark

is the founder and CEO of Ganymede, the modern data platform and cloud infrastructure for science. Prior to Ganymede, Nathan was product manager for several of Benchling's data products, including the Insights Business Intelligence tool and Machine Learning team. He has a background in secure data systems, and machine learning and analytics, with experience implementing both across the life sciences and financial technologies industries. 

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Today’s clinical labs are facing new challenges, including labor shortages, increasing testing demand, rising costs, and increasingly complex testing and data. 

This comes on top of the persistent challenges of enforcing standardization and quality, optimizing lab performance, keeping operating costs down, limiting downtime, and resolving errors. 

Automation, AI, and machine learning hold a great deal of promise to transform clinical lab operations. But that potential cannot be realized without a strong foundation in data management.

By attending this webinar, you will:

  • Learn a practical roadmap for robust data management through digitalization
  • Understand the best practices for successful implementation
  • Learn how to realize the immediate value of data for your lab