The Native Antigen Company Introduces Custom Service for Influenza Antigens

Bespoke custom contract service offers rapid access to broad range of high-quality antigen panels for influenza A and B viruses

The Native Antigen Company’s influenza antigens

The Native Antigen Company’s influenza antigens.

The Native Antigen Company
Published:Sep 09, 2020
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OXFORD, UK — August 19, 2020 — The Native Antigen Company (now part of LGC’s Clinical Diagnostics Division), one of the world’s leading suppliers of reagents that enables research into vaccines and diagnostics for emerging and endemic infectious diseases, today announced the introduction of its custom contract service to rapidly develop antigen panels for influenza A and B viruses. This new service offers scientists access to high-quality proteins from emerging seasonal and pandemic influenza strains, to support ongoing research and development of diagnostics and vaccines.

The Native Antigen Company provides custom contract services to develop panels of the influenza antigens from a wide range of virus strains and subtypes using its proprietary HEK293 mammalian expression system (VirtuE), which is able to introduce proper protein folding and full glycosylation to closely mimic naturally occurring proteins. The company has already used this recombinant protein expression system to successfully develop a range of haemagglutinin and neuraminidase proteins for influenza A and B viruses, both of which spread routinely in humans and are responsible for seasonal flu epidemics each year. Its custom contract service could help researchers working with specific strains of influenza gain rapid access to highly purified proteins to conduct detailed assessments of immune responses with diagnostics, including vaccination responses to particular strains. 

“Understanding existing influenza strains and having access to the corresponding antigens is vital to help distinguish infection from that of other respiratory diseases, and to enable accurate diagnosis and treatment," said Dr. Andy Lane, commercial director, The Native Antigen Company. "The Native Antigen Company is pleased to extend its custom contract service offering to now include the rapid development of influenza A and B antigens. We have worked hard to ensure our development capabilities can keep pace with emerging influenza strains and are proud to be able to produce a broad spectrum of high-quality proteins within a matter of weeks.”

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