TCL 2022 Digital Forum: Update on Coding, Billing, and Reimbursement in Today’s Clinical Labs

Join Today's Clinical Lab and Diana Voorhees, MA, CLS, MT, SH, CLCP, CPCO, to help you stay up-to-date with coding, billing, and reimbursement rules 

Staying in compliance with ever-changing and often-ambiguous coding, billing, and reimbursement rules is a constant challenge for today’s clinical labs and pathology services, especially as new test codes continue to be developed and are frequently associated with no defined payment. In addition, ever-evolving coverage policies and changes to how Medicare and other payers reimburse molecular pathology testing present serious hurdles that affect payment. 

In this webinar, Diana Voorhees, MA, CLS, MT, SH, CLCP, CPCO, will addresses annual billing changes and critical developments currently facing laboratory medicine. 

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about procedural coding changes for 2022 
  • Explore proposed changes in government reimbursement 
  • Discuss pertinent policies and issues affecting coverage 
  • Determine the anticipated impact of CMS editing systems 
  • As time allows, delve into additional topics of interest or concern

Presenter: Diana Voorhees, MA, CLS, MT, SH, CLCP, CPCO

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