TCL 2022 Digital Forum: Toward a Sustainable Clinical Lab

Join Today's Clinical Lab and James Connelly, Fiona Young, MSc, and Ilyssa O. Gordon, MD, PhD, to learn more about sustainable clinical labs

Providing health care services uses energy and materials that ultimately have a carbon footprint and contribute to climate change. The adverse impacts of climate change on human health are well documented, leaving health care providers in a quandary. 

In particular, clinical laboratories consume a lot of energy and single use materials, along with chemicals, water, and cold storage. Thus, opportunities to reduce clinical labs’ environmental impact are increasingly sought by hospital sustainability leaders. 

In this webinar, James Connelly, CEO of My Green Lab, discusses green labs and opportunities to work toward building more sustainable clinical labs. Special guest speakers, Ilyssa O. Gordon, MD, PhD, associate professor of pathology and medical director of sustainability at the Cleveland Clinic, and Fiona Young, MSc, senior medical scientist at Irish Blood Transfusion Service National Donor Screening Laboratory, share examples of successful changes implemented in clinical labs. 

Learning objectives: 

  • Understand the environmental impact of delivering health care 
  • Identify resource reduction strategies in the clinical laboratory that align with diagnostic and safety needs

Presenters: James Connelly, Ilyssa O. Gordon, MD, PhD, and Fiona Young, MSc, My Green Lab

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