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Educational training programs are excellent at preparing medical lab professionals to excel in technical roles.

What becomes challenging for lab professionals is not having the tools and training to succeed in next-level career roles. This lack of preparation for more senior roles includes a limited knowledge of career options and of which senior roles would be the best fit. 

As a result, career progression for medical lab professionals is usually met with uncertainty and hesitation, and often results in professionals leaving the career they love to transition to a field they feel has more certainty.

In this webinar, Lona Gordon Small, MT (ASCP), MBA, PMP, CBPM, outlines how preparing for a next-level career role begins with your desire to move into these roles. By learning and addressing your core strengths and values, you will identify the roles you are best suited to and able to create a blueprint to successfully reach the right next-level role.  

Learning objectives:

  • Learn about the current challenges with career progression in the clinical lab
  • Explore what type of next-level career role fits your strengths
  • Discuss and plan how to reach your career goals

Presenter: Lona Gordon Small, MT (ASCP), MBA, PMP, CBPM, Johns Hopkins Hospital