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Strategic Cover Letter Writing

Join Today's Clinical Lab and Alison Foo to learn about Strategic Cover Letter Writing

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Alison Foo

   Alison Foo, MSc, PMP

Alison Foo, MSc, PMP, is a Career, Communication, and Leadership Coach. She’s passionate about changing lives through teaching professional skills. She has worked with newcomers, graduate students, marginalized groups, and professionals from various industries, but her specialty is in clinical and research sectors.

Cover letters are perhaps the most dreaded step in the job search process; they’re difficult for applicants to write and time-consuming for hiring teams to read. In fact, some hiring managers admit to never reading cover letters.

This happens because 99 percent of cover letters are generic and ineffective. Generative AI won’t make your cover letter stand out, either—not yet, at least. 

In this webinar, attendees will learn a unique approach to cover letter writing for non-academic careers. These strategies will help you stand out and make the best first impression on recruiters and employers. Furthermore, select volunteers will have their cover letters reviewed in real-time during the workshop.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Risks associated with submitting generic cover letters
  • Effective cover letter structure and content
  • Unique approaches and strategies to cover letter writing