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Minimize Variability in Gut Microbiome Workflows by Standardizing Fecal Self-Collection

Download this application note to learn how an FDA-authorized fecal self-collection device can address your lab's sample collection challenges

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Fecal samples provide information about the composition, abundance, and activity of human gut bacteria ("the gut microbiome")—which are being thoroughly researched given their implications on health outcomes. When it comes to fecal samples for microbiome analysis, is your lab trying to...

  • Collect quality samples?
  • Increase donor compliance?
  • Reduce validation time?
  • Have reproducible results?

If so, you may be interested in learning about a mailable kit designed for the self-collection of fecal samples in the comfort of ones’ own home that was recently authorized by the FDA. 

Download this app note to learn about the OMNIgene•GUT Dx device, which can be easily integrated into a clinical research workflow to optimize sample collection for ease of use, standardization, and reproducibility of results.

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