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Trends are exclusive digital series focusing on the most crucial topics and issues facing today's laboratory professionals.

6-Part Series

The Future of the Clinical Lab

Clinical labs are experiencing a shift away from increasingly unviable traditional fee-for-service business models toward value-based models. This series will explore how that shift is poised to fuel a larger transition across the health care industry from sick care to well care.

Articles in this Series
COVID-19 Testing

The emergence of new coronavirus variants is placing extra pressure on health systems, epidemiological efforts, and diagnostic teams, including concerns that mutations could interfere with vaccine efficacy and COVID-19 testing.  This series examines key considerations for laboratories conducting COVID-19 testing.

Creating a Sustainable Clinical Lab

How can your lab can do its part toward becoming more sustainable? This series highlights ways to implement sustainability and "green labs" initiatives in your clinical lab in light of limited resources and budgets.

Professional Networking

This series delves into essential professional networking tips and strategies. From the fundamentals of online networking, particularly on platforms like LinkedIn, to the value of in-person networking, learn how to make genuine connections and elevate your professional career.

Laboratory Staffing

Staff shortages plague clinical laboratories across the country. This series will provide helpful tips for recruiting and retaining star employees to your lab to build an exceptional team.

The Automated Lab

Automation is becoming ubiquitous across clinical laboratories. This series explores critical questions to consider when automating your lab including how to avoid common automation pitfalls, how automation can improve quality, and how it will impact staff.

Cancer Diagnostics

Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world. Yet, unlike many other life-threatening diseases, laboratory diagnostics of cancer remains limited. This series will explore cancer diagnostics from a variety of perspectives.

Molecular Diagnostics

Innovative molecular diagnostics technologies are critical to overcoming current health care challenges and improving the way patients are diagnosed and treated. This series discusses the latest advances in molecular methods.

AI in the Clinical Lab

Artificial intelligence is changing the face of health care. This series will help clinical laboratory leaders and staff navigate this new and exciting (and, for some, frightening) terrain.

Clinical Mass Spectrometry

As a clinical tool, mass spectrometry boasts high analytical specificity and sensitivity, multiplexing capability, and low sample cost. This series will explore the latest advances in clinical mass spectrometry.

Clinical Informatics

Advancing artificial intelligence pathology and multi-omics data integration is quickly expanding the role of clinical informatics in health care.  Laboratory processes, the quality of the data, and its speed of transmission are critical factors in serving patients and populations. This series will offer clinical leaders insights and practical solutions to bringing the lab and informatics tools together.

Prenatal Testing

Advances in prenatal screening and diagnosis are giving women more and more information about the health and genetic status of their fetuses. This series explores some of these latest developments in prenatal testing.

Clinical Lab Business Management

This series explores how to stabilize and grow your clinical lab business during and after the pandemic, including how to prevent supply chain disruptions, reduce costs, identify new markets and worthwhile investments, and more.