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White Paper

Scale Up Your ELISA Assays (and More) with End-to-End Automation

Download this case study on how completely automating a process, like an ELISA assay, reduces manual interaction and scales up throughput

Is it possible to significantly scale up your throughput with automation? For example, can you scale up enough to run 110 microplates per 8 hour shift for an ELISA assay? Download this case study to learn how at a clinical research organization, end-to-end automation of an ELISA process led to:

  • Scaling up from 50 to 110 plates per day, serving more clients without hiring more staff
  • Reduced human error, due to limited number of manual steps
  • Improved quality and quantity of data, allowing for investment in machine learning platforms to analyze the data
  • Staff retention, since automation reduced and replaced repetitive, manual tasks with more engaging work