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A representation of recruitment and retention showing a magnifying glass focusing on the person who is the right fit among others who may not be the best fit for a given team.
Understanding why personnel leave, recruitment pitfalls, the power of personalization, and incentivizing specialties can help organizations with staffing challenges.

Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Clinical Labs

How can clinical labs better recruit and retain clinical scientists?

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Ian Black, MsComm, MSc
Photo portrait of Ian Black

Ian is the editorial assistant for LabX, Today's Clinical Lab, and Lab Manager. Before joining the team he obtained a masters in science communication from Laurentian University and an MSc in biology from Brock University. He has published several peer-reviewed papers and has a strong passion for sharing science with the world.

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Published:Sep 29, 2022
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At the Today’s Clinical Lab 2022 Digital Forum, speaker Shawn Wierzbowski discussed recruitment and retention strategies for clinical lab scientists. As someone who has been on both sides of laboratory recruitment, Shawn has a unique perspective to shed light on what organizations and laboratory leaders can do to be more successful with their recruitment and retention strategies. Shawn’s talk focused on hiring and creative staffing practices, as well as on employee culture and benefits.

His talk first examined the current research on why qualified personnel leave clinical labs, then proceeded to assess both how clinical lab scientists apply for new positions and how hiring managers search for new employees. Shawn broke down good and bad hiring strategies and job postings, as well as some of the many recruitment pitfalls that can have negative impacts on your lab’s ability to attract and retain candidates. Finally, he covered strategies to increase recruitment effectiveness, ranging from the power of personalization to incentivizing specialties.

Between recruitment strategies and expert insights on the current national lab workforce shortage, this webinar provides insights into the future of laboratory recruitment. The knowledge and practices Shawn presented here can help new and existing clinical labs address staffing issues and cultivate a stronger employee culture.

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