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November 2023 Cancer & Genomics issue of Today's Clinical Lab
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'Realizing Precision Cancer Medicine'

The November 2023 Cancer & Genomics issue of Today's Clinical Lab is now available!

Photo portrait of Miriam Bergeret
Miriam Bergeret, MSc
Photo portrait of Miriam Bergeret

Miriam Bergeret, MSc, is Today's Clinical Lab's managing editor.

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Published:Nov 01, 2023
|2 min read
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December 2023: Cancer & Genomics Digital Forum

At its core, cancer is a genetic disease, where changes to a cell’s DNA transforms normal cells into cancerous ones, leading to uncontrolled proliferation, tumor formation, and metastasis. Recent advances in single-cell and molecular tools have furthered our understanding of the unique origins of each cancer, providing the basis for more personalized cancer treatments. 

We highlight recent advances in precision oncology from The American Association for Cancer Research Cancer Progress Report 2023, including liquid biopsy, molecular profiling, and 14 newly approved targeted cancer therapies. While genetic testing has revolutionized cancer diagnostics and care, the high cost of this testing often makes it inaccessible. 

In our Genomics feature, Morgana Moretti, PhD, explores several ways clinical labs can help reduce the financial barriers to personalized cancer care. 

In our Scientist Spotlight, we speak with pathologist Rebecca Waters, DO, about her unique career path, the ongoing challenges in histology, and her whole-person approach to cancer medicine. Similarly, we speak with Eileen Ludlow, BSc, manager of Lab Education & Support at Hologic, about how AI-enabled digital cytology can streamline lab workflows and help cytologists meet ever-increasing demands for cervical cancer screening. 

In our Leadership feature, April Day, MBA, BS, MLS(ASCP), and Danielle Forker, MSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, CFRN, share how fostering collaboration and teamwork among their front-line laboratory and nursing staff has significantly improved efficiency, quality, and patient care, as well as job satisfaction, at Geisinger Medical Center Muncy.

At Today’s Clinical Lab, we’re proud to announce two new feature sections: Explore our Emerging Technologies spotlight—your guide to navigating tomorrow’s lab tech landscape. And in our Top 3 Tips, three experts highlight the best ways to reduce variability and improve performance in the clinical laboratory.

Finally, join us virtually on December 6 for our 2023 Cancer & Genomics Digital Forum. Register for free!

Today's Clinical Lab Cancer & Genomics Digital Forum