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Pure Water, Better Assays with Robust, Traceable, and Easy-to-Use Purifiers

Download this brochure to learn about water purification solutions for clinical analyzers, courtesy of MilliporeSigma Milli-Q® Lab Water Solutions

Clinical analyzers need water that is contaminant-free to produce accurate and consistent results. 

In this brochure, you will learn about the following:

  • What are the main steps of the water purification process, and which targeted purification technology is needed for that step?
  • Why can water quality be inconsistent, and what features of purification systems are needed to ensure reliability?
  • How can you best trace your water to check for quality and for troubleshooting?
  • How can you tap into digital tools to make it easy for your lab to use, monitor, and maintain your water purification system?
  • How can you integrate water purification into your lab workflows in a scalability and flexible way?

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