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White Paper

Unravel Oncology Mysteries with Functional Proteomics

Uncover single-cell insights with comprehensive, proteomic solutions


Introducing functional proteomics: A new solution for precision medicine. This white paper unravels how IsoPlexis meets the challenges in oncology head-on, from untangling drug tolerance trajectories to steering targeted therapies and thwarting metastasis. The IsoPlexis product suite, featuring single-cell intracellular proteome, metabolome, and secretome solutions, takes center stage in this transformative approach. 

Download the white paper to discover:

  • Independent pathways to drug tolerance in tumors by using the IsoPlexis product suite

  • How genomic analysis can be applied to mitigate critical problems like tumor metastasis

  • How to apply single-cell secretome technology to cytokine profiling