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White Paper

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Water purity is paramount in clinical labs, guarding against a cascade of risks that could jeopardize patient outcomes. From mitigating the threat of contaminants to the intricacies of water purification technologies, ELGA’s MEDICA® system emerges as a stalwart defender. Dive into the intricate interplay between water quality and clinical precision, understanding how the right water system can enhance productivity and unwavering reliability in labs, ensuring patient diagnoses and treatments remain precise and accurate.

Unveiling the potential repercussions of impure water, this guide meticulously delineates how particles, bacterial contamination, and ionic impurities can disrupt crucial processes, from pipetting accuracy to assay reliability. By adhering to Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW™) specifications, laboratories not only meet global standards but also fortify their workflows against the pitfalls of inadequate water quality. 

ELGA's MEDICA® system—equipped with advanced purification technologies like reverse osmosis and electrodeionization—ensures a continuous supply of high-quality water for clinical analyzers. Beyond compliance, ELGA’s MEDICA® system becomes a catalyst for streamlined operations, underlining the indispensable link between water purity and the precision of clinical outcomes.

Download this white paper to learn about the critical role of CLRW™ specifications in clinical analyzers and how they contribute to the efficiency and accuracy of downstream clinical research and diagnostics.