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Editorial Standards & Policies

The Today's Clinical Lab team prides itself on producing and sharing authentic, accurate, and in-depth coverage on a variety of topics relevant to today’s clinical laboratory and research professionals. We strive to be a trusted source for clinical lab and research professionals to explore industry news, technologies, and expert insights, as well as innovative solutions to everyday challenges.

 Today's Clinical Lab’s values:

  • Our readers, attendees, and subscribers: The Today's Clinical Lab team is committed to putting the needs of our readers and audience first. We do this by producing informative and accurate editorial content contributed by diverse writers, Thought Leaders, and subject matter experts to ensure we provide our readers with different perspectives.
  • Transparency: Our goal is to be upfront and honest in terms of the content we share with our audience by making it clear whether a piece of content is sponsored promotional content or independent editorial. When reviewing contributed content, we ensure external sources are credited whenever necessary, and we fact-check references and sources to ensure they are credible. We also look for plagiarism in all contributed articles.
  • Continuous improvement: The challenges and requirements of today’s clinical lab and research professionals are always evolving. The Today's Clinical Lab team always strives to keep up with our readers’ needs and look for innovative ways to improve our content and engage our audience.

Today's Clinical Lab’s topics of interest:

The Today's Clinical Lab audience is diverse, including clinical research and lab professionals from academic, government, and commercial organizations. Our coverage reflects this diversity and is generally divided into the categories found in our website’s top navigation menu:









Cell & Tissue Culture

Genomics & Proteomics

Infectious Disease

Molecular Diagnostics

Precision Medicine


Clinical Trials




Public Health

Women’s Health


Clinical Chemistry



Sample Prep & Storage


Career Development




Staffing & Training

Who contributes to Today's Clinical Lab?

In addition to Today's Clinical Lab’seditorial and creative services staff, we have a group of regular freelance writers that contribute articles to our publication. We also host Thought Leadership webinars and accept short non-promotional articles to our Thought Leadership Blog from clinical research and lab professionals, as well as industry experts. 

How to meet quality standards: 

Staff and external writers must adhere to our editorial guidelines, which apply to non-promotional, original, and exclusive articles contributed to Today's Clinical Lab. All published works conform to the Today's Clinical Lab House Style and go through an in-depth review and editing process before being accepted and published. 

Writers must first pitch their idea for a written piece or webinar to our editors. If accepted, they must then share an outline for the proposed piece and get an editor’s approval before proceeding with a first draft. 

When reviewing a draft, editors ensure it confirms to our House Style, identify any red flags with the content, ensure it is unbiased, determine if it is insightful enough for the audience, check and confirm that the cited sources are credible, and consider the readability of the entire piece—editing for plain language, active voice, overall tone and organizational flow of the article. 

Though Today's Clinical Lab does not have dedicated fact-checkers on staff, our editors diligently work to ensure articles are fact-checked throughout the editing/revisions process. Editors will provide writers with multiple opportunities to revise a piece to meet our standards. If after multiple attempts the writer is unsuccessful, editors have the authority to decide that a piece is not publishable. 

When sharing news releases from external sources, the editorial team takes the same approach of fact-checking and evaluating a release for authenticity, accuracy, and relevance. Releases that overexaggerate the study results or mislead readers are not accepted.

Sponsored versus editorial content:

Editorial content is created independently of any and all sponsored content. Sponsored content and advertisers do not influence editorial content. 

Custom sponsored content is commonly created by the Today's Clinical Lab Creative Services team, while editorial content is created and/or reviewed by the Today's Clinical Lab editorial team or external contributors.

Today's Clinical Lab earns revenue from the sale of online and print advertisements, and through sponsorships of our digital webinars and events. Sponsored content is defined as promotional content that is paid for as part of an advertising campaign. Examples of sponsored content in Today's Clinical Lab include: Tell Your Story, Thought Leadership Q&As, and In Focus articles. All sponsored content is labeled as such with the advertising company’s name and logo on the page. 

What is the role of the Today's Clinical Lab editorial advisory board?

The Today's Clinical Labeditorial advisory board was established in 2020. The editorial team invited these members to join the board based on a specific set of criteria. Each member brings a unique perspective and area of expertise to the Today's Clinical Lab editorial team. The editorial advisory board members offer advice and suggestions on which topics we should cover, provide us with ideas to better serve our audience, and contribute written articles and/or present webinars.

Ownership & funding: 

Today's Clinical Lab is owned by LabX Media Group (LMG), a leading worldwide science publishing company that delivers meaningful industry content and integrated marketing solutions for the scientific community. LMG’s brands and product solutions deliver trusted, timely, and in-depth information across print and digital products to empower our customers and advance their research. LMG is headquartered in Midland, Ontario, Canada, and employs more than 135 staff across Canada, the US, and the UK.

Funding for Today's Clinical Lab comes from the sale of advertising in our online and print publications, as well as custom publishing projects such as custom TRENDS IN… series, sponsored webinars, videos, podcasts, infographics, posters, eBooks, and whitepapers, all handled by our Creative Services team.

Content published on any of the Today's Clinical Lab’s channels is owned and exclusive to Today's Clinical Lab and its partners. Content cannot be republished or distributed on any other platforms without permission.

Contacting Today's Clinical Lab

We want to hear from you! Please reach out to share ideas, suggestions, critiques, and other feedback. Visit our Contact Us page for more detailed information.