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Our Top Stories of 2020

From the top -OMICS stories to the top articles on lab safety and preparedness, explore Clinical Lab Manager's most read stories of 2020.

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Published:Dec 18, 2020
|2 min read

Though 2020 has been a tumultuous year, there is also a lot to celebrate! In many cases news about the novel coronavirus has occupied the spotlight for most of the year, but there have also been many exciting advances and developments in the clinical laboratory field. Explore these lists of our top stories of 2020.

#1 Infographic

Preventing False Positives and False Negatives in PCR

Top 5 COVID-19 Stories

  1. A Guide to Setting Up a Coronavirus Clinical Diagnostic Testing Laboratory

  2. How to Reopen Your Lab Following a COVID-19 Shut Down

  3. Safety Measures to Prevent Laboratory-Acquired Infection

  4. SARS-CoV-2: A Roadmap for Testing

  5. The Clinical Lab and COVID-19: What's Happening Behind the Scenes?

Top 3 -OMICS Stories

  1. Single-Cell Proteomics: From Concept to Reality

  2. Clinical Proteomics: Technical Advances and Emerging Applications

  3. NGS versus Sanger Sequencing for Clinical Decisions

Top 3 Lab Safety and Preparedness Stories

  1. How to Handle a Laboratory Emergency

  2. Diagnostic Preparedness for Pandemics

  3. Common Accidents in a Histopathology Lab

Top 3 Pathogen Stories

  1. Prenatal Diagnosis of TORCH Pathogens

  2. The Need for Faster UTI Pathogen Detection

  3. Advances in Early HIV Detection

Top 3 Lab Staffing and Leadership Stories

  1. Solving the Clinical Laboratory Workforce Shortage

  2. Motivating Laboratory Staff

  3. Employee Engagement: The Role of the Laboratory Leader

Top 3 Diagnostics Stories

  1. The Key to Lowering Diagnostic Blood Loss

  2. Best Lab Practices to Prevent Hospital-Acquired Anemia

  3. Dealing with Vitamin D Assay Variability

Top 3 Lab Automation Stories

  1. How to Implement Automation in the Lab

  2. Clinical Labs Turn to Automation to Solve Personnel Shortages

  3. Lab Automation: A Solution to Staffing Shortages?

Top 3 Cancer Stories

  1. How NGS is Making Personalized Cancer Vaccines a Reality

  2. Microbiome Profiling Could Improve Early Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

  3. Tumor Organoids for Functional Precision Oncology