Networking for Clinical Lab Professionals: A Different Perspective

Join Today's Clinical Lab and Alison Foo, MSc, PMP, to better understand why we should network, and what is stopping us from doing it

Webinar Live Date:
Thursday, September 22, 2022

“Network, Network, Network,” is the most common advice from professionals across all industries. But networking doesn’t come naturally to most. This series will show you how to network authentically and effectively. To help overcome reluctance to networking, Alison Foo will share unique perspectives and practical strategies over four live webinars. Whether your career is just starting or fully established, she will teach you how to leverage the value of networking. Although each webinar will build upon knowledge from the preceding presentations, each webinar will focus on a standalone topic.

Webinar 1

The opening of the series promotes understanding of why we should network and, more importantly, what’s stopping us from doing it. The goal of this webinar is to view networking in a different light and to feel more confident attempting new strategies. It sets the foundation for all other webinars in this series. 

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Value of networking
  • Understanding personal barriers to networking
  • Tackling common misconceptions
  • Examples of successful networking
  • Unique and practical strategies

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Alison Foo is a clinical research instructor and freelancer. She’s passionate about teaching professional skills and offers resume and interview consulting services. Previously, she worked on all phases of clinical trials and specialized in clinical trial management, clinical data management, clinical monitoring, and stakeholder management.