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Microbiome studies are highly informative for a variety of applications. The gut microbiome is a major contributor to overall human health, and we are only beginning to understand it's wide-ranging impacts. However, fecal samples for microbiome studies can be difficult to attain. 

From clinical trials to tailoring of treatment regimes to an individual's biology, increasing the accessibility of microbiome studies can help both the person and the population. The option of reliable self-collection may be the answer to barriers such as access to a nearby clinic. 

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The significance of standardized sample collection and its impact on future microbiome applications
  • Fecal self-collection as a means to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical trials and microbiome research
  • The impact of FDA-authorization on a fecal self-collection device to ensure quality and high standards for diverse microbiome applications