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A vector illustration with components of a green, sustainable supply chain and biofuel initiatives.
Suppliers benefit from increased scientist engagement in sustainability, alongside cost reductions through lowered energy, water, and waste.
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My Green Lab Unveils a Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative

AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Amgen join forces with My Green Lab to drive sustainable practices across industry

My Green Lab
Published:Dec 05, 2023
|2 min read
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My Green Lab recently announced the launch of Converge, a collaborative supply chain initiative. Converge will harness the collective power of the global pharmaceutical industry to encourage suppliers to reduce the impact of labs in their value chain through My Green Lab Certification. With a shared goal of supporting lab sustainability, founding sponsors of the initiative include AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Bristol Myers Squibb, and Amgen.

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly reliant on outsourced contract services for various elements of their value chain. Therefore, they need to engage suppliers including Contract Research Organizations (CROs), Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs), and Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) to meet their scope 3 reduction goals. Converge will leverage the collective buying power of major pharmaceutical companies to encourage suppliers with a large research footprint to reduce the impact of their labs through My Green Lab Certification, a key indicator of progress for the United Nations Climate Change's High-Level Climate Champions 2030 Breakthroughs Race to Zero campaign

Converge invites large pharmaceutical companies with ten or more labs already enrolled in My Green Lab Certification to join a collective initiative to encourage CROs, CMOs, CDMOs, and other suppliers with significant laboratory operations to certify their labs in alignment with Race to Zero’s breakthrough outcome that 95 percent of all labs are My Green Lab certified at the highest level by 2030. 

Through Converge, suppliers benefit from increased scientist engagement in sustainability, alongside cost reductions through lowered energy, water, and waste supported by additional resources and peer-to-peer learning. The program’s partners gain secure access to a Supplier Dashboard for tracking green lab certification progress, and an Impact Estimator tool for measuring environmental reductions. The initiative also offers its participants educational webinars and a Supplier Network Group for peer-learning facilitated by My Green Lab.

“Suppliers like CROs, CMOs, and CDMOs play a vital role in the industry and based on our 2022 Carbon Impact Report, the majority of the impact of pharma comes from the value chain, with Asia-Pacific companies making up the greatest intensity. When suppliers partner with My Green Lab through Converge and earn My Green Lab Certifications, they are not only actively supporting lab sustainability, but also solidifying their position as a trusted and preferred organization in the industry,” says James Connelly, My Green Lab’s CEO.