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Low Awareness of Kidney Disease Remains a Challenge for Trial Recruitment

Launched network seeks to facilitate data collection for informing patient centered research

National Kidney Foundation

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Published:Oct 03, 2022
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Among 80 participants of the NKF Patient Network, a national US kidney disease registry, 60 percent were not aware of their kidney function level.

The NKF Patient Network ( is a nationwide kidney disease patient registry created to improve the lives of people with kidney disease through research, clinical care, and drug development. The Network has a secure portal for participants to share their experiences and data, and for providers to upload electronic health records upon patient consent. The Network also offers individualized education and support.

In this feasibility study published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases (AJKD), researchers found low awareness of kidney disease for many participants and a challenge in recruiting vulnerable populations. These are short-term goals of the Network following the national launch. Overall, the Network will facilitate real-world data collection to inform the development of patient-centered research, care, and treatments for people with kidney disease.

- This press release was provided by the National Kidney Foundation