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Preserve Precious Samples With Automated Monitoring 

Join Stephen Tierney, MS, president of Xiltrix NA, to learn more about harnessing AI-powered equipment monitoring

     Photo portrait of Stephen TIERNEY

Stephen Tierney, MS, is the former CEO of IKS International where he worked for over 14 years before branching off to introduce the XiltriX Real-Time Monitoring solution to the North American market. Tierney has rapidly expanded XiltriX’s footprint in Biotech Beach and continues to do so across North America. He holds a master’s in cognitive neuropsychology and has a wealth of experience in growing new technologies internationally.

Laboratory equipment monitoring is crucial for ensuring the accuracy, reliability, and safety of experimental and research processes in clinical labs.

There are many key benefits of monitoring laboratory equipment, including:

  • Maintenance of experiment accuracy

  • Assurance of data integrity

  • Maintenance of safety, regulatory, and compliance requirements 

  • Improved productivity and efficiency 

  • Documentation and traceability

A proactive approach to quality assurance through monitoring supports the reliability and credibility of scientific work.

In this webinar, Stephen Tierney, MS, will speak to:

  • Common issues in lab monitoring today

  • Recent case studies that highlight challenges and solutions

  • Lab monitoring possibilities and applications using today’s technologies