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With over 1 million sexually transmitted infections (STIs) being acquired every day, this comprehensive resource from Thermo Fisher Scientific sheds light on the latest advancements in STI testing, diagnosis, and management. 

From global prevalence statistics to the identification and description of various pathogens, it's a vital guide for clinical lab professionals. 

This resource meticulously explores common testing options for STIs, emphasizing the clinical value of molecular testing. Molecular diagnostics, such as PCR assays, take the spotlight for their higher sensitivity and specificity, crucial for detecting asymptomatic infections and coinfections. More than 30 pathogens, including bacteria, parasites, and viruses, that are responsible for commonly identified STIs are identified and described. 

Empowering clinicians, laboratorians, and policymakers alike is essential in curbing the spread of STIs and their associated complications. 

Download this educational infographic to learn about:

-      The many types of STIs and their associated burden

-       The modes of infection and clinical features of common STIs

-       How to successfully manage STIs following diagnosis

-       The clinical value of molecular testing for STIs