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Urinary tract infections (UTIs) affect millions of individuals globally and pose a significant health challenge. 


This infographic from Thermo Fisher Scientific describes UTI classification based on complications and the modes of infection of common pathogens.

Explore the risk factors, clinical features, and the critical role of pathogen adherence in UTI initiation. The document emphasizes the importance of accurate diagnosis through molecular testing, showcasing the clinical value of real-time or quantitative PCR (RT-PCR or qPCR) in providing accurate patient outcomes. Also, learn how multiplex PCR aids in quicker and more specific treatments, crucial in reducing recurrent infections.

Delve into the testing options, comparing the fast yet limited urine dipsticks and traditional urine culture methods with highly sensitive and specific PCR.  Flesh out misinformation and learn about optimal urinary health using this educational resource.


Download this infographic to learn more about:

-      The different categories and types of UTIs

-      The current state of global UTI burdens

-      The pathogens responsible for UTI development, and their associated modes of infection and clinical features

-      How UTIs can be successfully diagnosed and managed 

-      The benefits of molecular testing