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Digitization Solutions for Hematology Laboratories

Transformative solutions for clinical hematology harnessing AI and technological advancements

 Join Scopio as they highlight insights into preparing hematology laboratories for full-field digital cell morphology in this exclusive resource guide, focusing on enhancing efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. 


Explore the many clinical and operational challenges faced by today's hematologists, pathologists, and lab technicians in this comprehensive guide. Manual morphological microscopy review has remained unchanged for over a century, and there is a demand for high-resolution digital microscopy systems capable of automated morphological analysis. 

Discover solutions to testing demand, workforce shortages and skills gaps, and the need for a remote, enabled, collaborative platform that reduces wasted time and reliance on manual microscopy reviews. This guide is a must-read for hematology laboratorians, concluding with case studies showcasing applications of the presented solutions in present-day hematology labs in real time. 

Download the full guide to view:

- Challenges facing hematology laboratories today such as increased demand for testing and a shortage of skilled laboratory professionals

- The range of solutions and improvement full-field digital cell morphology presents to hematology labs

- How digitization and AI enable remote workflows that reduce turnaround times and assist decision support without reverting to the manual microscope

- Case studies showing how hematology labs today are implementing the solutions presented in the resource guide