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The pathogens responsible for gastrointestinal (GI) infections include viruses, bacteria, and parasites, each posing unique challenges for clinicians. 

Discover comprehensive molecular testing options for gastroenteritis, from microbial cultures to molecular diagnostics (MDx), that can help clinical labs unravel the root cause of infection faster with improved accuracy. 

Understanding modes of infection and risk factors is pivotal in preventing outbreaks. This resource from Thermo Fisher Scientific emphasizes the importance of rapid diagnosis and personalized treatment of GI pathogens. 

This educational resource also equips laboratorians and healthcare professionals with knowledge and insights essential for enhancing diagnostic capabilities and contributing to the overall improvement of patient care. 


Download this infographic to learn about: 

-       Various GI pathogens and their modes of infection

-    Clinical features and symptoms of GI infections

-       Management options

-       The benefits of molecular testing compared to other testing options