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White Paper

Blue tinted image of gloved hand holding a tube of liquid with DNA in the background.

Life science research hinges on several critical elements, such as sample management, research reproducibility, and data integrity. Ensuring the quality and integrity of samples throughout their lifecycle is not just a matter of protocol, it's the bedrock of groundbreaking discoveries. 

In this white paper, XiltriX delves into the nuances of sample management, dissects the challenges of research reproducibility, and highlights the pivotal role of data integrity. As scientific landscapes evolve, so do the methodologies, and the quest for innovation demands a keen understanding of these fundamental pillars. 

Download this white paper to learn: 

  • Factors that may contribute to poor reproducibility and sample integrity and what this means for your work 

  • The ALCOA guidelines for data integrity and how these impact your experiments

  • How to ensure good practices concerning your lab data integrity 

  • How to streamline processes while maintaining sample integrity