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NJ Labs will release a new podcast series called, ‘Going Beyond Testing’ in 2022 to give companies and consumers an insider's look at testing practices and what should be tested to keep products safe and effective.
NJ Labs

“Going beyond Testing” Podcast Series Gives Honest Look at Testing Practices

New podcast series will examine what should be tested to keep products safe and effective

NJ Labs

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Published:Jan 12, 2022
|3 min read

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ — NJ Labs will release a new podcast series called, “Going Beyond Testing” in 2022 to give companies and consumers an insider's look at testing practices and what should be tested to keep products safe and effective. The series will cover the importance of analytical testing, emphasizing transparency and integrity in the testing practices, and what’s required by testing labs to make dietary supplements, including cannabis and CBD products, as well as pharmaceutical drugs safe. The podcast series aims to educate both businesses and consumers about these practices, taking viewers through various areas of testing disciplines, including potency, heavy metal testing procedures, as well as highlighting what types of companies should be testing products.

The podcast content is delivered by Sandra Lee, CEO of NJ Labs, a privately owned FDA and DEA inspected facility that has been a mainstay in the testing industry for 85 years. Joining Lee as host and executive producer in the series is Mark Alyn, an award-winning journalist and executive director of “Late Night Health Radio,” a consumer-driven show focusing on a myriad of health topics in holistic naturopathic and traditional healthcare.

“Transparency is important in every aspect of our work with manufacturers and it is vital to the health and safety of consumers,” said Lee. “It’s important for companies to prove that a product is safe with testing, as well as be honest with customers if something has gone wrong and show how it is going to be corrected. This is why a trusted lab is needed as a partner in the process to be honest about testing results even if it’s not what the company wants to hear.”

Starting January 4, a new “Going Beyond Testing” episode will be released as part of the #TestingTuesday series. The schedule for the first 12 episodes will include:

  • January 4: “Introduction to ‘Going Beyond Testing’” Lee talks about the “science behind everything” and gives insight into the importance of analytical testing.
  • January 11: “What is NJ Labs?” Lee discusses what happens behind the scenes at NJ Labs, including the products it tests and its aspirations for testing in the future.
  • January 18: “Who Should be Testing?” Lee discusses what types of companies should be testing and why they should be testing their products.
  • January 25: “Potency” Lee discusses the process of testing for potency in different products and the quality checks that go into the rugged testing processes that analyze potency.
  • February 1: “Heavy Metal Testing” Lee discusses the process for testing products for the presence of heavy metals and how companies can be more efficient by employing proper testing practices for these compounds.
  • February 8: “CBD and Cannabis” Lee discusses the growing CBD and cannabis industries, as well as the challenges NJ Labs faced to develop testing processes for these compounds. 
  • February 15: “Testing Methodology” Lee discusses the important aspects behind analytical testing methodologies and how NJ Labs adjusts its procedures to ensure the most accurate test results for its products. 
  • February 22: “Micro Toxins and More” Lee discusses the health dangers posed by the presence of micro toxins in products and the importance of developing strict testing methodologies to identify them.
  • March 1: “FDA” Lee discusses the FDA and various regulations and regulatory agencies that impact testing methodologies. 
  • March 8: “Solvents” Lee discusses the important role solvents play in various products and how testing can ensure that all solvents are present at the end of the reaction process in products. 
  • March 15: “We’re All Consumers” Lee discusses the motivation that inspires her work, which is her belief that all consumers deserve to know what is in the products they use and which products are safe. 
  • March 22: “Why We Need to Test” Lee discusses her motto, “trust but verify,” which she applies to every aspect of her business to ensure the highest standards and credibility are maintained when testing products.

NJ Labs conducts the full breadth of analytical testing, specializing in analytical chemistry and microbiology testing for the generic pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dietary supplement, cosmetic, food, dairy, and cannabis/CBD industries. The lab offers elemental and vitamin analysis; gas chromatography (GC); and antimicrobial effectiveness testing, just to name a few of its services. NJ Labs is an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited contract laboratory testing in compliance with strict CGMP standards. “Going Beyond Testing” will be available on all major podcast outlets, including SoundCloud, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podclips, Spreaker, Spotify, and iHeart Radio. To watch the series, visit: or NJ Labs YouTube Channel.

- This press release was originally published on the NJ Labs website