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Fortis Life Sciences Highlights First Year Success

Company expands into key market verticals in diagnostics, therapeutics, and research discovery

Fortis Life Sciences
Published:Feb 17, 2022
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WALTHAM, MA — Fortis Life Sciences, a strategic platform company providing capital, expertise, and operational resources to grow founder-led life science companies, today announced highlights from its first year of operations. Fortis delivered strong financial performance in 2021 and has significantly scaled its commercial capabilities. Over the course of the last thirteen months, the company has built a portfolio of high-quality products and brands serving attractive end markets including diagnostic, therapeutic, and discovery, through its acquisition of four complementary companies:

  • Bethyl Laboratories manufactures premium quality, proprietary antibodies, and custom antibody services for the life sciences industry.
  • nanoComposix specializes in ultra-sensitive, quantitative lateral flow diagnostic assays, producing nanoparticles, and offering custom assay development and contract manufacturing services.
  • Empirical Bioscience produces assay-grade molecular biology enzymes exclusively for diagnostic and commercial assay customers.
  • Arista Biologicals manufactures antibodies and other immunodiagnostic reagents for rapid testing assays used in drugs of abuse, infectious diseases, and fertility testing.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have these companies integrated into the Fortis organization,” said Brian Kim, Chief Executive Officer of Fortis Life Sciences. “Each brings a loyal customer base born from a reputation for exceptional products and services. As part of the Fortis platform, each will benefit from ongoing investment and support in the commercial, operational, and technical infrastructure necessary to help expand market awareness, reach new customers, and accelerate growth. Together, we are focused on a single goal: to earn the trust of our customers by delivering the highest quality products and services with an exceptional customer experience.”

Fortis Life Sciences was founded in August 2020 by a team of life science industry veterans in collaboration with global growth equity investor Summit Partners to address a significant gap in the life science tools market.

“We see many small companies in the market with high quality products and loyal customers, but often these businesses struggle to scale,” Brian Kim noted. “Due to their size, these companies may have low market awareness and lack the resources to invest in their growth. At the same time, we know many customers who describe poor experiences working with larger, well-resourced companies that are less responsive to their needs. In forming Fortis, we saw an opportunity to flip the script and create a best of breed company, combining the customer orientation, agility, and innovation of a smaller company with the scale, capabilities and resources of a larger company.” 

Fortis intends to continue acquiring and investing in partner companies that line up to the company’s commitment to deliver quality products, superior service and exceptional support while aligning with the organization’s core values: Customer-First orientation, Integrity in all aspects of business. Trust in an empowered team, Entrepreneurship in the pursuit of innovation, and Excellence.

- This press release was originally published on the Fortis Life Sciences website