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Photo of a blood sample labeled as positive for monkeypox
A leading PCR diagnostic testing lab announced that it is offering a test that detects human monkeypox virus.
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First Commercial Monkeypox-Specific PCR Test Now Available

The PCR test provides next-day monkeypox results to clinicians and patients

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Published:Aug 02, 2022
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On July 25, HealthTrackRx, a leading PCR diagnostic testing lab, announced that it is now offering a molecular test that detects human monkeypox virus. Developed by the company’s R&D team, the test offers next-day results and is now available nationwide. 

Specifically, clinicians can order the test on its own or in combination with other pathogens that present with lesions, ulcers, or other skin abnormalities that may be confused with human monkeypox. Positive tests for human monkeypox will be reported to the ordering clinicians, as well as to the CDC and local health authorities for surveillance purposes.

According to HealthTrackRx, the test uses Thermo Fisher Scientific’s TaqMan® multiplex real-time PCR technology to detect both the West African and Congo basin strains of human monkeypox virus.

In the press release, Dr. Vijay Singh, who led the development and validation of the assay, said, "Testing is one of the first and most crucial strategies for containment of an infectious disease outbreak or pandemic. The non-endemic spread of human monkeypox is an urgent public health threat. The rapid development of the pan-Monkeypox Assay at HealthTrackRx, alongside our industry partners, demonstrates our commitment to public health by delivering solutions that accelerate results to patients."

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