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Emerging Technologies Guide: March 2024

Recent new and emerging technologies in the field of laboratory medicine

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Published:Mar 05, 2024
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Looking to upgrade your lab or replace outdated or failing equipment? Learn about new and emerging innovations in the medical laboratory market:

          Image of a clinical lab professional using Techcyte clinical pathology platform.


Techcyte Clinical Pathology Platform

Techcyte is transforming the practice of pathology with a unified pathology platform that digitizes lab workflows and offers AI tools that improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnostic testing while addressing the global challenge of finding qualified microscopy experts. We enhance diagnostic precision and boost job satisfaction and efficiency by streamlining processes and empowering technologists with AI assistance. Since 2013, our mission has been to advance health care through AI. To that end, we have forged partnerships with industry leaders to bring unified pathology solutions to the global stage.
      Photo of the Siemens Atellica CI Analyzer


Atellica CI Analyzer

Labs operating at low- to mid-testing volumes will benefit from the Atellica® CI Analyzer, including more predictable turnaround times, advanced reporting, and focused safety and security measures. Measuring 1.9 m2, the Atellica CI Analyzer offers differentiating capabilities to leverage downtime and increase lab efficiency and profitability. Random access sampling, micro-volume aspiration, and automatic maintenance and quality control scheduling deliver more predictable turnaround times. With a planned menu of more than 200 assays across 20 disease states, each lab can choose the best tests for its patients. More than 50 key assays can deliver accurate, fast results in under 14 minutes for better patient care.
          Photo of the PathogenDx D3 Array™ technology


D3 Array™–UTI 

The growing incidence of antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections (UTIs) has created a need for automated, low-cost, high-throughput analysis. The D3 Array™ technology is designed to meet this need using a flexible format and workflow. Featuring automated analysis and reporting, this differentiated multiplexed PCR test detects 26 pathogens and 12 antibiotic resistance gene markers. Utilizing a foil-sealed 96-well plate, D3-Array™-UTI allows labs to use only the wells needed without incurring additional cost and waste for unused wells.
          Photo of ATUM


Transient mAb Production

ATUM provides an integrated solution from discovery hits to lead molecule. Sets of 96 CDR hits derived from discovery campaigns (e.g., phage display, transgenic mice, and deep sequencing) are grafted into custom scaffold, nucleotide sequence is designed using machine learning algorithms, synthesized, cloned into optimal vector, expressed transiently in HEK cells, and resulting antibodies are ProtA purified. Antibodies are delivered with core analytics, including yield and binding data.
           Photo of the Vision Gripper from Brooks Automation

Brooks Automation

Vision Gripper

Brooks Automation announces the launch of Vision Gripper, which includes two cameras embedded in the widely adopted servo gripper. Available on PreciseFlex™ collaborative robots, Vision Gripper is ideal for laboratory sample handling applications. The cameras are installed and calibrated at the factory, which can save users an estimated three days and thousands of dollars in engineering and deployment costs.
The Auto-Teach function saves time during system setup and again during recovery when changes occur. The Clear-Check function enables error-proofing to keep systems running 24/7. Vision Gripper also reads a wide range of 1D and 2D barcodes.