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One challenge faced by human gut microbiome researchers is standardizing the collection and preservation of fecal samples. DNA Genotek’s FDA-authorized device, the OMNIgene•GUT Dx, allows your lab to collect, ship and store samples for microbiome analysis, increase donor compliance, and improve efficiency.

Watch this panel discussion among experts from regulatory affairs, product management, and research and development for the OMNIgene•GUT Dx device, with the following aims:

  • To learn how standardized sample collection paves the path for future microbiome applications, such as discovery, diagnostics and/or therapeutics
  • To gain an appreciation for how fecal self-collection anytime, anywhere can support diversity, equity, and inclusion in clinical trials and microbiome research
  • To understand the impact of FDA authorization of a fecal self-collection device to ensure quality and high standards for diverse microbiome applications