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Tardigrade: An APT Attack on Vaccine Manufacturing Infrastructure

BIO-ISAC releases advisory to biomanufacturers regarding an advanced persistent threat attack


BIO-ISAC provides a central resource for gathering information on threats to infrastructure impacting and forming the bioeconomy and two-way sharing of information between and among public and private sectors in...

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Published:Nov 25, 2021
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WASHINGTON, DC — The Bioeconomy Information Sharing and Analysis Center, or BIO-ISAC, released an advisory regarding an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack named Tardigrade.

A large biomanufacturing facility was involved in a cyberattack in Spring 2021. Through the subsequent investigation, a malware loader was identified that demonstrated a high degree of autonomy as well as metamorphic capabilities. In October 2021, further presence of this malware was noted at a second facility.

Due to the advanced characteristics and continued spread of this active threat, BIO-ISAC made the decision to expedite this threat advisory in the public interest. Analysis continues, and updates will be released on as further details are made available. 

At this time, biomanufacturing sites and their partners are encouraged to assume that they are targets and take necessary steps to review their cybersecurity and response postures. 

- This press release was originally published on the BIO-ISAC website