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Maintaining a cleanroom is an essential practice of any workflow where airborne contaminants are a risk. Drug discovery, cellular model work, and several sensitive processes in manufacturing, diagnostics, and research call for a cleanroom.

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A cleanroom requires several pieces of equipment and infrastructure such as a HEPA filter, certified equipment, and adequate PPE. In addition, there are several mandatory certifications and guidelines to navigate. The cleanroom may also have to follow the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines and acquire the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification. Taking all of these factors into account when planning and running a cleanroom can be a challenging undertaking.

Download this application note to learn: 

  • The type of certified equipment your cleanroom may need

  • How to determine which classifications you require for your cleanroom

  • Details about GMP and ISO certification

  • How to maintain cleanroom status with certifications, equipment, PPE