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Clarity as a Tool to Grow as Women Leaders

Presented by Tiffany Payne, MS

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Each of us has natural gifts that make us unique and valuable in the workforce. Identifying and nurturing our unique strengths is the first step to building a career in which we can thrive and lead successful teams. 

In this webinar, we will explore resources and exercises that can help you discover your natural strengths, and how you can leverage those skills and abilities to be happy and successful leaders in the workforce.  

After attending this webinar, you will

  •  Recognize the ways in which we sometimes place unnecessary limits on ourselves

  •  Discover and articulate your unique skills and talents through self-reflection

  •  Explore options for finding a coach to move yourself forward

This event was part of the 2024 Women in Leadership Digital Forum on April 2, 2024. View the complete event agenda to this one-day virtual event celebrating women's achievements in leadership!       



                    Tiffany Payne, MS

Tiffany Payne is the Global Clinical Market Director for Agilent Technologies, providing insight into overall business development, collaboration, and marketing strategy for the clinical market at Agilent. She enjoys working with customers to understand their needs and challenges, as well as creating content to highlight their work and accomplishments. She is based in El Dorado Hills, CA and in her spare time enjoys music, camping, and backpacking with her friends and family.