Centering Consumables and Reagents in Customers’ Awareness: The New Digital Inventory Age

Join Today's Clinical Lab and Roja Azees to discuss how a digital inventory management system can help labs save time, money, and effort spent on manual tasks.

Digital transformation is key to meeting the challenges of today's laboratories. When it comes to inventory management, repetitive manual tasks prone to human error create data integrity issues, quality risks, productivity sinks, and greater waste in the vast majority of labs. 

MilliporeSigma has thus created the LANEXO® Lab Inventory, Safety and Compliance Management System. LANEXO® System can create inventory efficiencies, simplify compliance, and digitize paper trails for highly regulated labs. Simple to implement, set up, and integrate into existing workflows, with an intuitive, user-friendly application, the LANEXO® system can drastically slash the time needed to manage inventory and individual consumables. The result is dramatically better numbers in resources, costs, and sales.

This webinar will explain how LANEXO® System can help customers escape their cumbersome current data systems, meet today’s challenges, and free their scientists and researchers to focus on science.

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