Photo portrait of TIFFANY GILL, MA, MLS(ASCP)CM

Tiffany Gill, MA, MLS(ASCP)CM

Tiffany Gill, MA, MLS(ASCP)CM, is a tenured professor and coordinator of the Medical Laboratory Technology program at the College of Southern Maryland in La Plata, MD. Professor Gill teaches immunohematology, microbiology, biochemistry, and mycology, parasitology, and virology while maintaining NAACLS program continuous accreditation status. Through ASCP, she volunteers as a mentor, career ambassador, Social Media Committee member, and an ASCP Board of Certification Hematology Exam Committee member. Gill founded the “Medical Lab Lady Gill” YouTube channel, offering virtual learning experiences for medical laboratory science students, current professionals, and promotional material for the laboratory profession. In 2021, she partnered with the ASCP Council of Laboratory Professionals to create the National Hematology Cell Bowl competition where students in 71 MLT and MLS educational programs competed to correctly identify 30 blood cells in 60 seconds.

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