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Maite Sabalza, PhD

Maite Sabalza is the scientific affairs manager at EUROIMMUN US, a PerkinElmer company. She earned her PhD in plant biotechnology and her dissertation work focused on the production of human neutralizing antibodies in plants to prevent HIV infection. Following her PhD, Maite was a postdoctoral researcher at University of California San Diego investigating new treatments to inhibit human cytomegalovirus infection. Then she joined NYU, where she applied her research experience in virology to diagnostics working on the development of new diagnostic assays for emerging viral infections such as Zika and dengue. Currently, Maite is a member of the scientific affairs team at EUROIMMUN US mainly focused on infectious diseases. Her role is to establish relationships and collaborations with key opinion leaders, supporting the EUROIMMUN team scientifically, as well as contributing to scientific publications in magazines and peer-reviewed journals.

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