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White Paper

With ever-increasing workloads and a growing focus on NGS, the demand for streamlined, cost-effective nucleic acid extraction methods is rising in clinical labs. However, traditional approaches often stumble when faced with the complexities of FFPE samples. Applying AFA to FFPE samples can equip clinical labs to tackle these challenges head-on.


Clinical lab managers are all too familiar with the hurdles posed by FFPE samples—the labor-intensive workflows, the compromised sample integrity, and the suboptimal results. But with AFA, these challenges become opportunities. By disrupting tissue structures with precision and efficiency, AFA liberates nucleic acids from paraffin wax without compromise. This breakthrough technology offers not just enhanced yield and quality but also a scalable, automation-friendly solution tailored to the needs of modern clinical laboratories.

The synergistic combination of AFA with automated workflows unlocks new frontiers in nucleic acid extraction. The implementation of AFA-enabled solutions resulted in a threefold increase in genetic material quality, signaling a paradigm shift in clinical diagnostics. Clinical lab managers can now optimize their workflows, reduce turnaround times, and unearth valuable insights with confidence—all thanks to AFA.

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  • AFA enhances nucleic acid extraction efficiency and quality.

  • Automated workflows amplify the impact of AFA in clinical diagnostics.

  • To elevate your laboratory's capabilities with AFA-enabled solutions.