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Photo portrait of Miriam Bergeret
Miriam Bergeret, MSc
Photo portrait of Miriam Bergeret

Miriam Bergeret, MSc, is Today's Clinical Lab's managing editor.

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Published:Jun 01, 2022
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When Clinical Lab Manager launched in November 2018, we recognized the need for a publication devoted to clinical laboratory leaders. At the time, we had an audience of less than 10,000 leaders engaging with the brand each month, but our readership has since grown to more than 65,000 clinical professionals engaging with us every month.  

With this growth, our coverage has expanded beyond clinical lab directors and managers to include content of interest to everyone associated with clinical labs. To better reflect the evolution of our audience, we have changed our name from Clinical Lab Manager to Today’s Clinical Lab.

Today’s Clinical Lab will continue to focus on clinical leaders, such as lab directors and managers, while expanding our editorial scope to better reflect the realities of clinical industry and include content for entry- and mid-level clinical professionals, as well as deepening our coverage of the science, technologies, and processes important to clinical labs.

Remaining true to our Clinical Lab Manager origins, our June 2022 print issue features content for clinical leaders, including articles on staffing your lab during a workforce shortage, the latest technologies that enable remote work, how to build a workplace mental initiative, and ways to increase recruitment into the clinical lab, while also featuring content around advancing your career in clinical industry, best practices to protect clinical labs from cyberthreats, and bringing NGS testing to community hospitals.

Today's Clinical Lab will also continue to feature expert insights on our Thought Leadership Blog and to host monthly Thought Leadership webinars, such as the live résumé writing workshop coming up on July 14.

With all of the changes at Today’s Clinical Lab, we invite you, our readers, to share your feedback to improve the quality of our content and build a strong clinical lab community. 

Photo portrait of Miriam Bergeret, MSc, and Zahraa Chorghay, PhD

In fact, you’ll soon have a chance to speak directly with the editors of Today’s Clinical Lab at our first virtual event on August 30–31, 2022. To register and for more information about our upcoming 2022 Digital Forum, including a sneak peek of featured speakers, visit the event website.

Lastly, the growth in our readership has also led to the growth of our editorial team. Over the past year, we have welcomed Ian Black, MSc, MScComm, our editorial assistant and news editor, Stephanie Sonser, our business and sales coordinator, and Zahraa Chorghay, PhD, our clinical writer and editor, to the team. Together, we will continue to create and invest in quality content that engages all clinical professionals.