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Join Today's Clinical Lab and our experts for our Emerging Technologies Digital Forum on November 21, 2024

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Published:Nov 30, 2023
|1 min read


You're invited to the Today's Clinical Lab Emerging Tech: AI, Automation, & Informatics Digital Forum event! Join us and our experts November 21, 2024, for a live virtual event.

      2024 TCL Emerging Tech Digital Forum Logo

Join us and our experts to uncover the future of laboratory medicine. Discover how artificial intelligence, automation, and innovative informatics are reshaping the clinical laboratory, improving efficiency, simplifying complex processes, and expanding the lab’s central role in health care. During this event, experts will share how these new technologies can help labs generate higher profit margins, improve their competitive edge, and most importantly—provide accurate clinical data for optimized patient care.

During each live presentation, our experts will field questions from the audience. Register for free for updates and guidance on emerging technologies from key clinical Thought Leaders.